Frame Suites carries the common signature of the team of 9 architects. In the project built on an area of ​​10.600 m2, special attention was paid to positioning so that all apartments have uninterrupted sea views.

In the suites that promise a peaceful environment with wooden floor design, linen and bamboo covered walls, your bathrooms are designed from marble and natural stones. On the balcony and terrace floors of Frame Suites, wood deck was preferred. Your flat is equipped with a high quality sound system and your living room is equipped with a home theater system. According to the mode you choose; you can dine in a pleasant ambiance, take a relaxing shower with your favorite music, or enjoy cinema from the comfort of your home.

In order to ensure that your children can safely navigate within the site, and not to be disturbed by traffic noise and exhaust smoke while enjoying your home, your car’s place is already ready in our 2000 m2 parking garage.